What has pubgstats to offer


NOT Available

Leaderboards are not available at this moment from PUBG, because season 5 is just started. Leaderboard stats will only become available for PC players.

Season Stats


You are be informed on the latest season stats. You can also look previous statistics. We pull statistics straight from the PUBG servers.

Lifetime Stats


We also offer the overall stats for all periods. Remark: Lifetime stats are only available for PC players and starts at season pc-2018-01 !!.



What where your last matches and what where the results. We give the possibility to preview the last 20 matches played.

Match Details


You can study the match details and find out and compare how your other team mates performed.

Mobile Friendly

Under development

Most of the site is mobile friendly. Some parts need to be more customized and are still under development.